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Date   4 Jun 2013
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Is life a good board game?

Sometimes life is up and down. That also applies to the Life board. In the game Life, players seem to have real-life with the provisions of the rules that govern the game. In the Life board, you can play it with many people. The time that passes will become invisible if you don't play alone. Life games cannot be done alone. Therefore, this game is effectively used to bring people closer. There are many interesting and funny facts and regulations at every stage in the game. Are you interested in playing it?

What age is the game of life for?

Although the game of Life is a game that is usually played by families, there is a minimum age to play it. Age 8 years is the minimum age of play. You can't invite a 5-year-old to play the game of Life. Because, what do children know about life except having fun? But you can still involve them in the game as a support team. It would be more fun if someone encouraged you to play. They can also help you choose when faced with choices in the game. Game of Life can make your family come together while playing. However, if the child insists on playing, you can buy games of Life for children on the internet.

How does the game of life end?

Your game will end if all your money and assets are used up. How can you play if you don't have anything else? Therefore, you must make wise decisions to continue to have money and assets. But, if you start to get bored with the game, you can waste money as you like to be poor and out of the game. Deliberate defeat. You also have the choice to stay in the game and come out victorious. You must have a strategy so that your co-star becomes poor and has nothing left. You will be the richest and be the winner. You choose.

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Game of Life Zapped Edition Board

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Life Board Game Template

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Life Board Game

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Life Board Game Template

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What is the highest paying job in the game of life?

Game of Life has similarities with reality in the real world. The jobs that have the most pay are doctors and lawyers. It takes effort to become a doctor or lawyer. You must enter the college stage to have one of these jobs. The cost of schools is not cheap. But you can enjoy the results when you become a doctor or lawyer. With the highest paid, you can use your money to continue playing on the Life board.

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